Conference 1: “Dismantling the pseudosciences”.

Lecture series on green chemistry, human mind and circular economy.

Conference, Schedule

A series of conferences on green chemistry, human mind and circular economy that allow to bring science to schools and lyceums in the Region of Murcia, through an agreement with the City of Murcia. The above actions have reached an average of 800 students and the same results are expected. In collaboration with the Murcia City Council.

Speaker: Ana Isabel Fernández Martínez.
Outreach Technician at the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Murcia.

ONLINE conference given to the following schools:

  • Col. Cipriano Galea.
  • Col. Gabriel Pérez Cárcel.
  • Col. Herma.
  • Col. Montepinar.
  • Col. Santa Joaquina Vedruna.
  • I.E.S. Alfonso X El Sabio.
  • I.E.S. La Basílica.
  • I.E.S. Licenciado Francisco Cascales.
  • I.E.S. Rector Francisco Sabater García.
  • I.E.S. Saavedra Fajardo.