Main Event ERN 2022 -FSE-Exhibition-“Ingenium Nostrum”

Virtual exhibition of inventions in the Mediterranean

Exhibition, Schedule

Virtual exhibition of inventions in the Mediterranean.

It will be an exhibition similar to the one you can see in m=HM8EVtHZwpq, only the recording will be done in the exhibition space.

Every invention will have its panel with its name. By clicking on one of the digital panels you will be able to listen to an audio (the longest of which lasts two and a half minutes). There will be no written texts.

The exhibition shall consist of the following inventions:

  1. Epidural anaesthesia
  2. Autogiro
  3. Smaller video camera for endoscopy
  4. Cinematograph
  5. Surgery for cataracts
  6. Beads of necklace
  7. Fast charging device for car lithium-ion battery
  8. Stethoscope
  9. Tungsten filament
  10. Mop
  11. Glasses
  12. Crane
  13. Reinforced concrete
  14. USB flash drive
  15. Microscope
  16. Pasteurisation
  17. Electric battery
  18. First personal computer
  19. Radio
  20. Clock
  21. Submarine
  22. Smart card
  23. Optical telegraph
  24. Scissors
  25. Glass and glass

The audio will describe the invention and tell what it meant and contributed to science and humanity in general.

From the day of the presentation the exhibition will be available for download on the website of the Science GTS project and the Seneca Foundation. The availability of the mass will be communicated through an email campaign, social networks, the radio space La Manzana de Newton, the same ABABOL, ….

The exhibition is intended to be a permanent educational resource in schools within and outside the Region of Murcia.

Date and time: September 2022 to December 2023