Main Event ERN 2022 -UM-Workshop-“A day in the life of Octavia Hibera”

A day in the life of Octavia Hibera. Workshops.

Schedule, Workshop


Reconstructing History through Archaeology. Exhibition of some of the excavations currently being carried out by the research group and their main results. It will expose the methodology used in an archaeological excavation for all types of visitors, providing the child viewer with an educational activity in which they find and record their own findings.

Knowing the domus of Octavia Hibera. Through this activity they will be revealed how they were a characteristic domus of Roman times, what and how they were the spaces that configured these structures and for what they were used. There will be an activity for an adult and child audience that will consist of identifying on a panel the spaces of a Roman domus.

The domestic trousseau of Octavia Hibera. With this activity you will be able to know the everyday objects for the storage, the preparation, the consumption of food and other uses in the domestic life of Roman times and their importance in the archaeological contexts where they are recovered.

Of life and death. Another of the activities that will be carried out will be intended for visitors to know the funerary rites in the Roman world from the evidence in the archaeological record. They will discover these practices from the different findings and learn how we know that Octavia Hibera really existed thanks to her funeral epigraph.

Coordination: Almudena Velo Gala, Department of Prehistory, Archaeology, Ancient History, Medieval History and Science and Technology. Historiographic, University of Murcia.

Day and time: September 30, 18-22 hours.

Location: Patio del Campus de la Merced, University of Murcia.