Main Event ERN 2022 -UM-Workshop-“Discover how the Mediterranean diet protects us from obesity and related diseases”

Discover how the Mediterranean diet protects us from obesity and related diseases. Workshops.

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Identify and color healthy foods!
Food image cards designed for children to identify and color foods that are considered healthy. During the performance of this activity, children will be explained why certain foods can be considered healthy while others are not.

Activity for the little ones, in which they can disguise themselves as true scientists and play to be one of them.

How food is digested. Workshop for children between 4 and 12 years where a demonstration of how food is digested. It will simulate the digestion of a banana and trinkets from when it enters the mouth until it comes out like in the feces. In doing so, we intend to show the importance of a healthy diet and the importance of the microbiota.

How smell affects our taste. In this activity you will be given to try two different types of drink attendees (juices, carbonated drinks, tea, flavored waters, etc.). After that his eyes will be covered and while they cover their nose they will be asked to try again without knowing what we are giving in order to see if they can identify it without counting on the sense of smell. This activity aims to show that in the identification of flavors smell is as important as taste.

Digestion of fats. Activity designed to show the importance of bile acids in the digestion of fats. To do this, a few drops of food coloring will be put in milk. Wet a cotton swab with a little detergent and put it on the milk. The dye will move to the ends.

Coordination: Antonio José Ruiz Alcaraz, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology “B” and Immunology, University of Murcia.

Day and time: September 30, 18-22 hours.

Location: Patio del Campus de la Merced, University of Murcia.