Main Event ERN 2023 -UMU-Workshop-“Faculty of Medicine”

Faculty of Medicine

Schedule, Workshop

The workshops scheduled during this activity for all ages are the following:

  • Neurological Examination

This workshop will consist of a basic exploration of the different cranial pairs, as well as other tests to check strength, sensitivity etc

  • Cardiovascular Risk Workshop

This workshop will consist of, first, take some measures to those who approach the workshop, such as weight and height, and ask them a couple of questions related to their habits and health (diet, smoking, level of sedentarism, etc). With the results obtained and with the help of a table that will be given to you in the workshop, you can determine what is approximate level of CVR that the volunteer will have in 10 years

  • Hand Washing Workshop

This workshop will consist of teaching the correct way to perform hand washing. To do this, we will have the help of fluorescein and a UV lamp to observe the dirt of the hands and be able to see a before and after performing the technique

  • Workshop of CPR

This workshop will basically consist of teaching the general public how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a set of maneuvers that can be performed by anyone, can prevent the actual death of a person. Our goal will be to teach in the right way this maneuver so that the general public can practice it at the same time with our puppets.


Coordination: Juan Mula Mayor, Bachelor of Medicine, University of Murcia.

Day and time: 29 September, 18-22 hours.

Location: Patio del Campus de la Merced, University of Murcia.