Main Event ERN 2023 -UMU-Workshop-“Know, care and protect your mouth”

Know, care and protect your mouth

Schedule, Workshop

The following workshops and games will be held during this activity:

  • Know your mouth

Simple experiments related to the properties of saliva

  • Trivial Oral Care

Assessment of oral health knowledge in quiz format

  • Importance of the use of fluorides in dental structures

Experimental models of fluorine application

  • Autofluorescence as a diagnostic method

Application of Velscope in biological structures


Coordination: María Pía López Jornet, Department of Dermatology, Stomatology, Radiology and Physical Medicine, University of Murcia.

Day and time: 29 September, 18-22 hours.

Location: Patio del Campus de la Merced, University of Murcia.