Main Event ERN 2023 -UMU-Workshop-“The Art of Chemistry”

The planned activities are about Chemistry.

Schedule, Workshop

The planned activities are as follows:

  • What’s in my ink?

It is intended to develop a workshop interacting with the public to demonstrate that the ink of a marker or a pen is really a mixture of different substances. A separation technique widely used in the chemistry laboratory will be used.

  • Elaboration of an artisanal ink

Manufacture of an artisanal ink, similar to those used in medieval monasteries, using different natural ingredients with chemical properties, can be obtained an ink with which later can be labeled by a pen on a cardboard or similar

  • Invisible writing

Workshop of inks and secret messages for kids.

  • Phosphorite

Demonstration on inks and phosphorescents

  • Floating drawings – possibility of a tattoo-chem

Drawing of floating drawings with possibility of transfer in a tattoo-chem

  • How do you clean ink?

A demonstrative workshop will be held on how chemical reactions are able to remove or transform ink stains

Coordination: Asunción María Hidalgo Montesinos, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Murcia.

Day and time: 29 September, 18-22 hours.

Location: Patio del Campus de la Merced, University of Murcia.