Main Event ERN UA -2022- Workshop Underwater Scientific Photography

El objetivo de este taller es mostrar varias técnicas de fotografía digital submarina que se utilizan en la documentación de estructuras y yacimientos sumergidos, en condiciones de muy baja visibilidad, para crear imágenes y modelos 3D aplicando diferentes propiedades de la luz.

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The objective of this workshop is to show various techniques of underwater digital photography that are used in the documentation of submerged structures and sites, in conditions of very low visibility, to create images and 3D models applying different properties of light.

We will have a mannequin outfitted with a complete scuba diving equipment which we will use to explain all the necessary instruments to access the underwater environment: neoprene suit, compressed air tanks, mask with submersible communication, breathing regulators and dive computer. Three different types of breathing gas mixtures will be shown to explain usage based on bottom depth and residence time.

We will have a digital photography system and spotlights for underwater lighting. The camera will be connected to a laptop and/or a screen where you can see the images that are generated.

We will have an aquarium-type container to create an environment of cloudy waters with low visibility and we will explain how, depending on the direction of the light that we project over the bottom, we will achieve a clear image not visible to the naked eye.

We will show how an overview of a submerged field is constructed by computerized combination of hundreds of these individual images to create an orthophoto that would not be possible with conventional techniques.

We will also show how the position of light relative to objects affects the ability to observe and record surface details of objects.

Some young people from the audience will be able to participate and handle some of the equipment.

Coordination: Jose Antonio Moya Montoya, Department of Communication and Social Psychology, University of Alicante

Date and time:
30/09/2022  18:00-22:00

University of Alicante – Campus San Vicente del Raspeig – Amphitheatre of the Aulario 2