Main Event ERN 2023 -UMU-Workshop-” Mycology. Mycorrhizae and plant biotechnology”

DESERT TRUFFLE CULTIVATION: A native crop of the Region of Murcia

Schedule, Workshop

The following activities have been organized:

• DESERT TRUFFLE CULTIVATION: A native crop of the Region of Murcia

During this activity it is intended to inform society of the efforts and latest advances developed by the research group Mycology-Mycorrhiza-Plant Biotechnology of the Faculty of Biology around the mycorrhizal symbiosis and the cultivation of desert truffle.

Desert truffle is an edible fungus that lives in mycorrhizal association with certain Mediterranean shrubs in arid and semi-arid environments.

Until a few years ago this truffle was considered only as a natural resource that could not be cultivated. Thanks to the work carried out by the Mycology-research groupMycorrhizae-Plant Biotechnology has been possible to develop a series of techniques and practices for the production of mycorrhized plants and the fruiting in the field of desert truffles that have become known together as “Turmiculture”.

– To carry out this activity an exhibition will be held of some of the species of shrubs, called jarillas, more common in the Region of Murcia that are usually associated with desert truffles.

– Microscope exposure of root samples of these shrubs, mycorrhized with desert truffle fungus hyphae

– In vitro cultivated plants and mycelium

– Through the help of graphic support with photographs and videos of desert truffle plantations will be given a global vision to the citizens of this new crop for the Region of Murcia.

– Posters will be exhibited illustrating the activities that have been carried out by the Spanish Association of Turmicultura to publicize and revalue this culinary product.
Coordination: José Eduardo Marqués Gálvez, Department of Plant Biology, University of Murcia.
Day and time: 29 September, 18-22 hours.
Location: Patio del Campus